About Us

Credibility and performance

For two decades Nick Owen Associates has supported people in multi-national organisations, the private and public sectors, education and the arts, in the UK and internationally, to enhance their personal and professional credibility and performance.

We aim to help our clients deepen the significance and resonance of their messages; know how to invite the engagement and participation of others on a collaborative journey of leadership; and to powerfully influence and shape people’s ideas about what is desirable and possible in the world.

Our associates are internationally recognised leaders in their fields. They bring their practical and often unique experience of working in business, education, and the creative arts to support our clients to feel deeply connected to themselves, to others, and to what they believe in.

Embodied Leadership

Our methods are hands-on, experiential, practical and thought-provoking. Through action and reflection we challenge our clients to deepen their relationship with learning, inquiry, strategic thinking, awareness, presence, performance, energy, breath, voice, and impact. We support our clients to embark on transformational journeys, to create and make possible the future stories they and others want to live into. We call this embodied leadership: leadership that starts from personal groundedness.

Our programmes assist our clients to become more aware of themselves, to better understand their current strengths and blind spots, and to communicate their ideas, values and vision with a deeper sense of presence, precision, and personal mastery. We invite them to explore ‘What’s Next?’ for their personal and professional development.

All our programmes and interventions are unique, tailored specifically to the needs of the client, the delegates, and the organisation. Naturally, any agreed structure lends itself to improvisation as issues, questions and challenges unfold and emerge. The frame in which every intervention takes place is the recognition that all new learning needs to be both sustainable and embedded in an awareness of how complex systems – people in particular – function.

“Learning is only a rumour until you have it in your muscle.”                                                                                                                           ~ Papua New Guinea proverb

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