Carnevale, VeneziaThe fragments of art I’ve used to bring energy, movement and colour to these still, white pages are elements from the painting on the right by Ilija Penushliski, one of Macedonia’s foremost contemporary artists.

This particular painting depicts shadowy ethereal figures, perhaps bankers or accountants in their day job,  horses and a horned bull, preparing themselves for Carnevale. With the mysterious backdrop of Venice behind them, including a gateway to the unknown and uncertain, it seemed ideal for my themes of storytelling, myth, narrative, archetype, performance, personal and professional transformation.

Not to mention a touch of dark shadow and bright genius.

It says much for the man and the generosity of his spirit that he was prepared to allow me to interfere with the integrity of his work in this way. Ilija, thank you.

If you would like to discover more about Ilija Penushliski and his work, click here.

Ilija Penushliski


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