Hearts and minds

“The shortest distance between two people is a story.”

Leaders, influencers, motivators … anyone who wishes to engage others in the shared pursuit of worthwhile goals and purposes needs to tell convincing, compelling and coherent leadership stories and co-create with colleagues authentic and grounded organisational narratives.

When you’ve got to deliver effective and memorable presentations, convince colleagues and teams of the need for change, create opportunities for collaboration, or explore aspects of personal development, you’ll need to engage the hearts, as well as the minds, of others. Timely, well-chosen, well-told leadership narratives deliver this with passion, purpose and presence in a way no other forms of communication can.

Our focus is on transformation and the liberation of people’s talent and innate genius through storytelling: the stories people tell and the stories they engage with.

Leadership narratives and leadership conversations

The ability to construct and tell authentic leadership narratives helps leaders connect and embody their vision, values, and purposes to others, letting them know who they are and what they stand for.

The ability to hold inquiring leadership conversations helps them connect to others and listen more deeply and with greater mindfulness to their views, values and perspectives. Such conversations open up enormous opportunities to embrace greater awareness, collaboration, flexibility, and sustainable change. Mastering these skills brings powerful means to achieve sustainable personal, professional, educational, and organisational development and transformation.

Our experience

Our associates are internationally recognised leaders in their fields, with experience across many sectors including financial services, energy, breweries, motor manufacturing, high technology, IT, recruitment, the performing arts, and the public sector (national and local government, the NHS, charities, secondary education and universities). Whatever their background our associates are dedicated to enhancing our clients’ performance, enabling them to enrich their meaning-making, tell their unique ‘story’, and engage with the hearts and minds of others.

The Amara Conference, Helsinki September 2015  With Amara co-founders Irena Pranskeviciute & Heidi Gutekunst at the Amara Conference Helsinki September 2015     

© Andreas Thomasson Photography

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